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A Strategic Approach to the Mechanics of Mind

And you pick whatever lock is presented to you.

And once one lock is picked,

all the other locks become vulnerable.

Milton H. Erickson


I have been in practice for the last 20+ years and have helped a number of individuals with severe difficulties, especially those that did not respond to traditional psychotherapy. My work, oriented to personality restructuring, a brief therapy model with a Jungian orientation, has been featured in the media and at professional and academic conferences. 

I am a published author, a co-founder of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Toronto, and was a senior consultant at the 2015 TED talks in British Columbia.

If your extended health benefits cover the services of a Registered Social Worker my work may be fully or partly covered by those benefits. In that case, you would pay me directly and submit my receipt for reimbursement.

I have offices in North York and Downtown Toronto. Owing to COVID 19, my practice tends to be mostly video and telephonic, occasionally in person.

Looking for psychotherapy services conducted in Chinese? I can provide a referral.


Is my work right for you?

Could be, if you are looking to achieve personality restructuring in order to achieve your personal or professional goals, or are looking for help with a mental health difficulty. Could be, if you browse this website and feel intrigued by the approach.

Not a good fit, if you are seeking services as part of a MVA benefit, a disability benefit, require custody evaluation or any court-mandated service, potentially require an expert witness down the line for any reason. Not a good fit if you are looking for or need somebody knowledgeable about Trans issues or gender theories.


Also, I am not taking on cases that involve serious difficulties with emotional modulation or crisis counselling as my schedule sometimes requires last minute cancellations or re-scheduling. I will add I am specializing in individual therapy of adults and teenagers, and do not do marital therapy or family therapy, at this time. Also, I do not work with children.

Please note:  now that I am older, I work part-time, mostly working with clients already in my practice and while I do take on a new client, here or there, I focus on work with those who seem a good fit for my approach, otherwise I refer elsewhere. I have put quite a bit of material on this website, so those looking for help can get a feel for my work and approach. I encourage you to look around, if you are considering whether my work might be useful for you.


Please note: I am a Registered Social Worker, not a Registered Psychotherapist. Best to check whether my services as a social worker are covered by your extended health benefits.  Also, PLEASE NOTE: clients will be asked to pay for a session before the session occurs, in a direct payment via interac. Unfortunately, I am not set up to accept payment by credit card.

Should we talk further? Before we talk, you could listen to a tape I made with more information about my work. You find that link here. To be in touch, we can connect on the phone but you might send an email, as well, to be sure I get your message in a timely way! The next step would then be a telephone conversation to get a better feel whether my work is a good fit.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! For more information, click on the covers below to follow the link!

Watch the video here.

Adult coloring books that teach you about the psychology and worldview of Carl Jung from my Jung@Heart series! Also, my newest adult coloring book teaches young people how to cultivate better habits!

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