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Whether you are finding Jordan Peterson's "Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief" difficult to follow or are simply curious to learn more about the man and his ideas, this summary reviews some of the core insights that characterize Peterson's worldview. Love him or hate him, you might as well get to the crux of what he is saying! Access Peterson's premises about the nature of reality and how we best live within it, with a seasoned psychotherapist as your guide. Summaries, summaries of the summaries and reflection points to journal help you digest teachings so you can apply them to your day-to-day life.


The second part of this book introduces Alfred Adler's technique for decoding the 'map of meaning' by analyzing a person's 10 earliest memories, further demonstrating how that map manifests in the lives of individuals. This hands-on workbook helps you access vintage Peterson, here presented in a linear style - minus mythology or neurology - so you can zero in on the life advice that has helped many achieve dramatic personal change.

Annette Poizner, MSW, Ed.D., RSW, is a Toronto-based clinical social worker in private practice who has a deep interest in the work of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University of New York and a Doctorate of Education, specializing in Counseling Psychology, granted by the University of Toronto.


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