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This Way Up: A Faith-Based Introduction to Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning
By Annette Poizner, MSW, Ed.D., RSW

Jordan Peterson's books, selling furiously, are widely cited in the media part of an ongoing conversation. This book addresses why those in the faith-based communities might familiarize themselves with this work. Therapist Annette Poizner argues that Peterson's work is awakening the hearts and minds of a generation, prompting an army of young people to question their secularism and ponder the tenets of faith. In this zeitgeist, clergy and laypeople are better equipped to address the needs of young people walking through their doors if they understand the worldview Peterson is advancing. This book is designed to summarize some of Peterson's important concepts including his ideas about the nature of reality and its constituent aspects, the structure of the mind, and the psychological necessity of the G-d ideal. These ideas will be presented through the lens of faith so believers can explore how Peterson's concepts can be personally useful to those of divergent faiths.

Annette Poizner, MSW, Ed.D, RSW, is a counselor, a published author and community educator. She completed her graduate Social Work degree at Columbia University of New York and a Doctorate in Education (specializing in Counseling Psychology) at the University of Toronto. She has founded Lobster University Press and chaired the Jewish Health Alliance, a continuing education organization which explored the intersection between Judaism and the healing arts, over the span of 10 years. Her work had been featured in dailies across Canada, in trade magazines across North America, and in clinical and academic conferences. She has published 'A Practical Summary & Workbook for Using Jordan Peterson's Maps of Meaning to Sort Yourself Out' and 'An Illustrated Guide to Using Jordan Peterson's Insights Regarding Divinity and the Map of Meaning to Sort Yourself Out'.

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