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I think that true psychotherapy is knowing that each patient is an individual, unique and different.

          Milton H. Erickson

The cure is to let the individuality come through and flower in all its particular genius that's what you have got to do .

         Ernest Rossi, Ph.D.

True life is lived when little changes occur. The big changes take care of themselves if we make the little changes.

           Leo Tolstoy

The wise man shows his wisdom in separation, in gradation, and his scale of creatures and of merits is as wide as nature. The foolish have no range in their scale, but suppose every man is as every other man.


False evaluations are at the root of mental disease.

            Alfred Adler

The science of living must lead to success in predicting.

            Alfred Adler

Do what you do so well, and so uniquely, that people can't resist telling others about you.

            Walt Disney

Of all the elements, the Sage should take water as his preceptor.

Water is yielding but all-conquering. Water extinguishes Fire.

Or finding itself likely to be defeated, escapes as steam and re-forms.

Water washes away Soft Earth, or, when confronted by rocks, seeks a way around.

Water corrodes Iron till it crumbles to dust; it saturates the atmosphere

So that wind dies. Water gives way to obstacles with deceptive humility,

For no power can prevent it following its destined course to the sea.

Water conquers by yielding; it never attacks but always wins the last battle.

The Sage who makes himself as Water is distinguished for his humility,

He embraces passivity, acts from nonaction and conquers the world.

            Tao Cheng

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