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From Chaos to Order:

A Guide to Jordan Peterson's Worldview

Available in Print and E-book

Struggling to decipher Jordan Peterson's core worldview when you listen on YouTube? Finding that his mosaic style, fascinating tangents and detours into the mythic realm make him hard to follow? Or maybe you're wondering what the fuss is about and would like a concise introduction to Jordan Peterson's mentality, particularly as it relates to the task of sorting yourself out?

In this book, a counselor takes you on a tour of Peterson's central ideas. In a clear, linear presentation, Annette Poizner presents Peterson's premises about reality and the specific ways we perceive and organize that reality. She introduces his ideas regarding the map of meaning, outlines his take on how and why our life maps are easily corrupted and follows with his premises about the psychological necessity of the G-d ideal, tracing the sequelae when that ideal is absent, as it is in secular society. Finally, Poizner renders Peterson's map of the life space. We come to see how his rules help readers thrive in reality, given the contours of reality that he discusses. Prepare to see life from a unique, surprising and relevant vantage point.

In providing the scaffolding of Peterson's core arguments, Poizner gifts readers with a big picture that will help them when they read or listen to Peterson, facilitating better comprehension and alleviating some of the inevitable review normally required when working through his material. At the same time, this work bridges material from his two bestselling books, his Biblical lecture series and his University of Toronto courses, depicting overarching themes that emerge across platforms and presenting those clinical insights that have implications for contemporary life. Readers gain a lens through which they can consider their own personal process and are given reflection points that they can use to explore the personal relevance of ideas discussed .

Please note: four chapters are modified versions of chapters from "A Practical Summary & Workbook for Using Jordan Peterson's 'Maps of Meaning' to Sort Yourself Out

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