"What do dreams and old memories tell us about ourselves?"

Good question!


People are  fundamentally expressive of who they are, which means that a person's intrinsic patterns may be expressed in the dreams that they wake up with (or have had over the course of life) or the childhood memories that they retain.  Therapeutic techniques that can be illuminating, and potentially give us food for thought: looking at your dreams or gathering childhood memories and seeing if we find patterns, ways you have conceptualized yourself or beliefs that have hardened into a set worldview. These techniques, then, give us a way to understand your tint, your perspective, while also helping to dilate that perspective. 

Looking at personal material of this sort can give us insight into  your personality style, talents, personal issues and even shine light on a blind spot or two. as we, together, tease through your influences and patterned ways of seeing the world and get ideas about how to move forward in new ways. This process is insight-oriented, also behavioural.

When is this kind of work useful?

Sometimes a person is looking for help with a longstanding challenge; other times, just looking for insight. I look at problems using a wide lens; I'm interested in the ways nutrition effects how we feel and act, Chinese medical theory informs our understanding of personal challenges and cognitive processing sometimes effects social and psychological function. In other words, I also think about the big picture and this can be a moment to think about life style issues, as they affect mental health.