An Illustrated Guide for Using Jordan Peterson's Insights on Divinity

& the Map of Meaning to Sort Yourself Out

According to Dr. Jordan Peterson, secular society has overlooked the psychological importance of Divinity, failing to understand the template it provides that helps us flourish. If Peterson is right, we need to review what classic texts tell us about the intricate and specific structure of the G-dhead. Lo and behold, that exact structure pervades creation as a whole, serving as DNA that undergirds the physical world, the human body, the contours of the psyche and more.

In this book, Psychotherapist Annette Poizner first explores Peterson's insights about Divinity, then traces the imprint of Divinity on creation. Exploring the nooks and crannies of our world - surveying diverse areas including graphic design, cultural norms, marketing practices, handedness and more - allows us to see unity, the watermark of Divinity, at the root of creation. As we explore the central pattern at play, we delve into a visual adventure: learning the structure of Divinity by - believe it or not - analyzing the handwriting of public figures.

Poizner introduces Clinical Graphology, a bona fide European technique for assessing personality, to illustrate how the template of Divinity is our first and only nature. Learning about Oprah, Streisand, Deepak Chopra and others, you will learn about yourself! Explore the profound truths about self and soul that flow each time you pick up a pen . . . en route to our ultimate destination, not to know the rich and famous, but to know G-d and Self. As Poizner writes, "If the Divine infrastructure is intrinsically relevant to us, then societal disinterest and abandonment of the G-d ideal not only banishes G-d but, in some sense, ourselves. We may not know who, or how, to be." Of course, this is exactly Peterson's point.

In a work 15 years in the making, Poizner weaves together the ideas of Jordan Peterson, Jewish Mysticism, Chinese medical theory, Jungian psychology, and 30 years of clinical experience, to survey the interior of our world from a most unique vantage point.

Annette Poizner, MSW,  Ed.D., RSW, is a Columbia-trained clinical social worker who completed a Doctorate of Education from the University of Toronto, specializing in counseling psychology. Her doctoral dissertation explored the use of graphology (handwriting analysis) within psychotherapy. Her work has been featured in dailies across Canada, in trade magazines across North America and in her Psychology of Handwriting blog on the Huffington Post. She is the author of Clinical Graphology: An Interpretive Manual for Mental Health Practitioners, and Maps of Meaning: A Practical Summary for Using Jordan Peterson's Insights to Sort Yourself Out. In the first week of distribution, the latter book achieved the top rank on Amazon in the category of Applied Psychology. Her current project, Lobster University Press, releases publications which explores and expands the work of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

Poizner is a psychotherapist in private practice with a specialty in projective personality assessment and Ericksonian psychotherapy. She is a cofounder of the Milton H Erickson Institute of Toronto. She was the Chair and Founder of the Jewish Health Alliance, a continuing education organization which explored the connection between Jewish thought and the healing arts, for 11 years. She practices in Toronto Canada.


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