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In Good Standing: Using Jordan Peterson's Insights on the Structure of the Self to Sort Yourself Out

The self has a structure, indirectly alluded to by Dr. Jordan Peterson each time he counsels you to live in alignment, whenever he urges you to stand with your shoulders back and every time he urges you to notice where you're aiming. Even the English 'Personal Pronoun I' alludes to that structure. Look carefully. Back 8 words. See it? It's a straight line.

Annette Poizner asserts that the archetype of the line, unpacked, delivers a myriad of lessons which can be applied to master the living of life. She will introduce the three-step pattern that underpins reality, expressed in hormonal patterns and stoplights, revealed in classic myths and modern-day acronyms, applied in building structures and hair braiding techniques. In all these, we find a trinity that sits at the root of creation, one referred to in the day-to-day vernacular as  "beginning, middle and end," so naming the three points on a straight line.  Watch as the contours of reality come into focus, bringing an awareness of a structure that pervades creation . . . and, more importantly, yourself.

Poizner, a counselor and certified graphologist, will pepper this presentation with references from the Hebrew Bible, other sources and with handwritings of prominent public figures! Turns out that we dance with the straight line each time we pick up a pen! We will meet the line in all its manifestations and befriend the archetype that grows us up, helps us stand tall, aims us forward and culminates, ideally, in a singular ego identity. We will come to see that each lie is nothing but a line with a missing piece and will understand that we spell our best success when we embrace the G-d-given archetype and, in so doing, actualize our Divine birthright. We have, after all, been lovingly made in the image of the One, the Only.

With a book designed to change your map of meaning and your perspective of life, you can take Peterson's ideas to the next level. Insights advanced by Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, a Talmudic sage whose scope and intellect matches that of Peterson, will be harnessed by your guide, an author whose psychotherapy practice of 30 years compels a practical vision of what readers need to know to make meaningful and lasting life changes.

BY Annette Poizner, Msw, Ed.D. (1).jpg

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