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Dream Therapy

For those with an interest in dreams, I have extensive experience with dream interpretation and can do a therapy process that involves tracking and interpreting dreams. Happy to reach for the messages that emerge from the unconscious and you are the arbiter to determine if what we come up with seems on track. We explore dreams, soliciting the help of the unconscious mind in order to interpret them, and see if other projections will provide more clues to help us get guidance from the dreams that you awaken with.


I'm available to do single sessions to unpack the occasional message dream or to intermittently work with you interpreting dreams as they occur. If you have dreams from childhood that you remember and want to better understand, or a history of recurrent dreams that you'd like to get to the bottom of, we can do consultation, working with this objective.

Track your dreams!

Keep a dream journal by leaving pen and paper beside your bed and try and retain dreams when you wake up. Make notes or speak into your phone and make a recording. Grab as much detail as you can retain. Send them by email in advance of our meeting or share them when we meet. Let's open the aperture and access the wisdom from the inner mind!

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