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Getting Sorted, Lobster Style

Available in Print and E-book

You've heard about Dr. Jordan Peterson. You know people who hate him. Others, though, seem to be using his ideas to make life changes. Maybe you are wondering how to think about this psychologist and his ideas.

Author and Counselor Annette Poizner has prepared a series of articles for those contemplating a deeper look at this opus of work. She makes the case for exploring Peterson's talks and books, noting the license to work with some of his notions and reject others, and introduces venues for discussing and debating his worldview with others who are contemplating his ideas. Poizner suggests that some people may be able to architect important personal changes on the strength of what they learn from Peterson, without the counsel and expense involved in seeing an individual therapist.

This book is designed to provide an entry point for the curious, providing the rationale for probing this work further despite the hot button issues that have tangentially been related to Peterson's line of thinking.


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