Is your work covered by Ontario Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, not.

Is your work covered by my extended health benefits?

Maybe. Check your coverage carefully to make sure the services of Registered Social Workers are covered. That's what I am. If you have coverage, you pay me directly and I give you a receipt which you submit in order to be reimbursed by your provider. I am not a Registered Psychotherapist, so if that is your coverage, I am not the service provider for you! Please note that if you have coverage for social work, and submit my receipts, your extended health provider may call me to confirm your attendance at sessions.

My health benefits cover psychologists and Registered Psychotherapists. Could your work qualify?

I have been told that in certain cases you can appeal to your insurer and explain that a particular health care provider has unique qualifications that would be useful to your situation and, on a case-by-case basis, there may be an allowance made if you can demonstrate that you cannot find somebody with the designations that they cover who could do the same work. You are certainly able to call your insurer and have that discussion.

You can also look at whether you have a discretionary fund where you are allowed to apply those funds to which ever practitioner in which ever discipline you would like. If you have a discretionary fund, you may be able to get reimbursed for my services.

Otherwise, I would encourage you to speak to your human resource manager. Each year your benefits are renegotiated and if you and your colleagues make it clear that social work services are an economical alternative to, say, the services of a psychologist, perhaps you can request that social work services be included the next time the policies are renewed.

Do you do executive coaching or business coaching? 

Yes. Any number of performance issues will help your performance in the world of work. If you are self-employed, these expenses can be used as a business expense.

Do I have to pay HST on social work services?

No. Clinical services are exempt from HST and your social work receipts can be included with your other health receipts as health deductions for taxes.

Do you do consultations by phone or via internet?

Yes. When that is appropriate and doable.

Do I have to undertake a projective assessment process with you if I am only looking for psychotherapy?

Not at all. I'm fine to start working on a specific issue without doing the comprehensive assessment. I recommend the assessment if you have had longstanding mental health difficulties that have not responded to other therapeutic work in the past.

If I want a projective personality assessment, does that obligate me to do further work with you?

Not at all. I will be coming up with a range of suggestions and ideas based on what I see in your projections and many of those ideas may relate to diet, lifestyle and other interventions you can do that will improve your situation without a need for further consultation. Sometimes clients are working with another therapist, but wish to have a consultation to get a sense of where they are at, and what they should be working on next with their current therapist.

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