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Jordan Peterson's "Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief" and the opus of his work, more generally, is vast in scope and complex in nature. I have launched Lobster University Press, named tongue in cheek, for sure, but also with a vision in mind. Peterson relays many ideas that we can unpack, ideas that can help us scale the hierarchy or get a tougher shell to endure life's hardships; maybe even indirectly raise the production of serotonin!  The books I publish will focus on specific themes addressed by Peterson in his books and lectures to help readers better integrate the material, expand their 'map of meaning' and tweak that most important of abilities: the capacity to "turn chaos into habitable order!" These works will be the product of discourse and exchange with other Peterson enthusiasts, as we all continue to mine the depth of Peterson's work and explore interesting and helpful applications.

Volume 1 available on Amazon in e-book, paperbook and large print formats
Volume 2 available on Amazon in e-book 
Volume 3 This Way Up: A Faith-Based Introduction to JP's 'Maps of Meaning is available on Amazon in e-book and paperbook
Volume 4 Clean Your Room: An Out-of-the-Box Manual for Lobsters is available in print and e-book
Volume 5 In Good Standing: Using Jordan Peterson's Structure of Self to Sort Yourself Out. Available in print and e-book.
Just published: From Chaos to Order: A Guide to Jordan Peterson's Worldview. Available in print from Amazon and as an e-book on Kobo.
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